Digital Nomad Visa in Saudi Arabia

Updated on Tuesday 03rd May 2022

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Even if Saudi Arabia does not have a digital nomad visa program yet, foreign citizens who want to move here and work for a limited period of time can do that based on other types of visas. In 2018, Saudi Arabia introduced the electronic visa system, thus easing the process of entering the country. By 2030, the country aims to become one of the most appealing tourist destinations in the Middle East.

Tourist visas can be used by digital nomads who want to live and work from Saudi Arabia. Below, our immigration specialists explain your options in terms of remote work from here. If you are an entrepreneur, you can rely on us for Saudi company formation services.

Saudi Arabia and foreign remote workers

Persons who can choose where they can work from have the possibility of choosing foreign countries closer or farther from home, depending on their preferences. Now, many states have enabled digital nomad visas for remote workers, however, Saudi Arabia is not one of them yet.

If you want to become a digital nomad in Saudi Arabia, however, you can apply for a tourist visa that will enable you to enter and stay here for 90 days. The validity of this visa is one year, so you can benefit from multiple entries, as long as each of them does not exceed 3 months.

Even if this is not the same as a Saudi digital nomad visa it resembles one from the following points of view:
  1. you can perform your work or other activities from here, as long as these are not related to a Saudi employer/client;
  2. you can live in Saudi Arabia, travel from one side of the country to another, and enjoy the great living style of this state;
  3. you can also complete your activities as an entrepreneur who has a business in another country;
  4. you don’t need to complete any complex formalities to obtain the visa, however, please mind you need health insurance for the duration of your stay;
  5. it is also recommended for the minimum validity of your travel document to be at least 6 months when arriving here.

The e-visa is available for citizens of nearly 50 countries up to this moment.

Compared to a digital nomad visa, the tourist visa does not require you to submit proof of income, however, you should have a bank statement to indicate you can support your stay here.

If you want to come here as an entrepreneur, our local consultants can help you open a company in Saudi Arabia.

The best digital nomad cities in Saudi Arabia

Despite not having a digital nomad visa, Saudi Arabia is sought by many foreign remote workers who have ranked their favorite cities. Among these:
  • Medina is the preferred city of digital nomads because of the low living costs here;
  • Riyadh also offers good living costs, but also for the numerous co-working spaces available;
  • Dammam and Mecca are the other two cities preferred by digital nomads in Saudi Arabia.

If you want to relocate to any of these cities and work as a digital nomad, here are other useful information about Saudi Arabia:
  • the minimum wage of a public employee is nearly 800 USD (3,000 SAR), while there is no minim salary for those who work in the private sector, according to the Ministry of Labor;
  • expats can have high salaries, where the highest average may exceed 8,500 USD/month in the IT sector;
  • other jobs that pay well in Saudi Arabia are in tourism, where a hotel manager can earn more than 10,000 USD per month;
  • monthly living costs for a person can exceed 700 USD without rent, while the average rent is around 500 USD.

If you want to apply for a digital nomad visa in Saudi Arabia, we invite you to discuss your options with our local advisors. We are also at your disposal if you want to relocate here on a permanent basis.