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Updated on Tuesday 07th September 2021

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Foreign citizens and entrepreneurs who come to Saudi Arabia need support in various matters. While some of them will require assistance in understanding the requirements of moving here, others will ask for guidance in how to start a company in Saudi Arabia. For these purposes, the help of a lawyer in Saudi Arabia can be invaluable in order to succeed.

Luckily, there are various law firms in Saudi Arabia, most of them prepared to offer specialized support to international clients.

We are a team of company formation officers in Saudi Arabia ready to help you start your business in this country, however, we also invite you to find out how our lawyers can help you.

Services provided by our lawyers in Saudi Arabia

If you need legal services in Saudi Arabia, our lawyers are at your disposal with the following:
  1. support in moving to Saudi Arabia which can imply assistance in applying for residence permits;
  2. assistance in renting or buying properties in various cities of the country;
  3. guidance in setting up a business and obtaining the necessary authorizations for operating here in Saudi Arabia;
  4. tailored support in understanding the tax legislation in Saudi Arabia and how it affects foreign citizens and investors;
  5. legal guidance in various civil law matters in Saudi Arabia.

You can choose to work with one of the major law firms in Riyadh if your center of interest is the capital of this country.

If you want to open a company in Riyadh, our local agents are at your service with complete services.

How to find a lawyer in Saudi Arabia?

All law firms in Saudi Arabia work with lawyers accredited by the Saudi Bar Association, which is why finding a lawyer is not difficult. The main aspect to consider is to find one that is specialized in the legal area you are interested in, however, you should know that Saudi lawyers are well prepared, and just like in any other country you can find an attorney who can represent your best interest.
You can find a lawyer by searching with the nearest law firms in your area or you can widen your searches in the city you are in.

You can also reach out directly to our agents by email or phone and let us know the services you need in order to put you in contact with the rights specialist.

If you want to open a company in this country, our lawyers in Saudi Arabia can draft and file the paperwork with the Companies Register. Apart from these, we can also offer tailored support in obtaining a residence permit by starting a business.

Tax lawyers in Saudi Arabia

One of the most important aspects of doing business in Saudi Arabia is linked to taxation, which is where a lawyer can be of help.

Explaining the laws a foreign citizen or investor needs to respect and the main differences between paying taxes as a foreigner and a resident falls within the services that can be provided by our lawyer in Saudi Arabia.

We also work with accountants in Saudi Arabia who can put into practice what these laws provide for and can help you respect the tax regulations available here.

Law firms in Riyadh

As one of the main business centers of the country, Riyadh is a main point of interest for overseas citizens who are interested in finding employment, as well as for entrepreneurs who want to open companies here. Both categories of foreigners request the services of law firms in Riyadh based on their needs.

Our specialists can provide tailored legal services in Riyadh for all types of clients, no matter if these imply assistance in civil or corporate matters.

While our company registration agents in Saudi Arabia will help you set up a business, our lawyers will guide you through the entire procedure of moving here if you plan on running your enterprise directly from here. Our legal advisors will also provide tailored assistance in hiring employees, including bringing the foreign workforce to Saudi Arabia.

Why move and start a business in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is one of the most prolific economies in the Middle East with oil and gas as the main industries to contribute to the country’s Gross Domestic Product. However, in the past few years, the startup ecosystem has also started thriving.

According to statistics:
  • in the first 6 months of this year, a few non-oil sectors (real estate, manufacturing, and wholesale) have had the greatest contribution to the economy;
  • 2021 is expected to end with a 2.4% economic increase;
  • the country’s GDP is expected to be 1.7 trillion USD for 2021
  • in 2022, the economy is predicted to grow at 4.6%;

If you need legal services, we invite you to discover how our lawyers in Saudi Arabia can help you. Contact us for a personalized consultation.